HALO Electronics Announces Release Date of the Pro-Tek5 Systems Isolator-II 5kV Ethernet Protection Module

– Pro-Tek5 Isolator-II will be released to the market within the next 60 days – The Isolator-II Ethernet protection device provides 5kV isolation with additional creepage and clearance distances for the most demanding applications Santa Clara, California, July 1, 2019 — Pro-Tek5, a leading manufacturer of Ethernet protection devices, today announced that the Isolator-II will…


PoE Injector

HALO Electronics Introduces the Pro-Tek5 Systems PoE Mid-Span Injectors for Non-Standard Voltage Requirements

– Pro-Tek5 PoE mid-span “brute force” injectors for networks using non-standard voltages – Designed to connect to a standard off the shelf desktop or wall AC/DC power converter Santa Clara, California, July 2, 2017 — Pro-Tek5, a leading manufacturer of Ethernet protection devices, today announced the release of the PTPI series of PoE mid-span injectors…


Ethernet Lightning Protection

New 5KV Ethernet Isolator with ESD Protection

Pro-Tek5 Systems, Ltd. today announced a new series of Ethernet Isolators. This new PTE-5T series provides the same proven 5KV isolation found in the PTI-45 series while adding the ESD protection that complies with IEC 61000-4-2 for 15KV (air) and 8kV (contact) Electrostatic Discharge. ESD is a serious issue in solid state electronics and integrated…


Ethernet Lightning Strike Protection

Pro-Tek5 Announces 2 New Lightning Strike Protectors

Protek5 Systems is pleased to announce 2 new series of GR1089 compliant lightning strike protectors. These new products include the PTG-2T series which provides both differential and common mode Intra-building protection and the PTG-5T series which provides full GR1089 Inter-building lightning strike protection as well as 5KV isolation. Both series have been fully tested for…