Ethernet Lightning Strike ProtectionProtek5 Systems is pleased to announce 2 new series of GR1089 compliant lightning strike protectors. These new products include the PTG-2T series which provides both differential and common mode Intra-building protection and the PTG-5T series which provides full GR1089 Inter-building lightning strike protection as well as 5KV isolation. Both series have been fully tested for compliance to the lightning surge requirements of GR1089.

These new protector series utilize the same small in-line package as our original series. Easy installation can be performed by the user in just a few seconds.

Evaluation units are available in 2-4 weeks while production units are available with a lead time of 5-6 weeks.

Please contact HALO Electronics, Inc. or an authorized HALO representative or distributor for more information regarding Pro-Tek5 Systems, Ltd. Lightning strike protectors.