– Pro-Tek5 Isolator-II will be released to the market within the next 60 days

– The Isolator-II Ethernet protection device provides 5kV isolation with additional creepage and clearance distances for the most demanding applications

Santa Clara, California, July 1, 2019 — Pro-Tek5, a leading manufacturer of Ethernet protection devices, today announced that the Isolator-II will be available to the market within the next 60 days. The Isolator-II protection module will be available with 5kV galvanic isolation and several mounting brackets options including; in-line, panel mount, and wall mount.

“We’ve taken all of our customer feedback and requirements over the past 10 years and used that information to create the Isolator-II. This includes a smaller overall mechanical size, additional mounting options, and increased internal creepage and clearance distances.

The Isolator-I still offers the “best in class” protection, but now we have a second solution for customers that only require high isolation”, says JP Heaton, HALO Electronics Director of Marketing. The Isolator-I and Isolator-II Ethernet protection devices are used in application ranging from network equipment protection to industrial automation and medical device protection.

Pro-Tek5 products are available exclusively through HALO Electronics and their franchised distribution partners.



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