– Pro-Tek5 PoE mid-span “brute force” injectors for networks using non-standard voltages

– Designed to connect to a standard off the shelf desktop or wall AC/DC power converter

PoE Injector

Figure 1. PTPI PoE Injector

Santa Clara, California, July 2, 2017 — Pro-Tek5, a leading manufacturer of Ethernet protection devices, today announced the release of the PTPI series of PoE mid-span injectors for applications that require non-standard voltages. The PTPI series can handle input voltages as low as 8VDC allowing customers to design proprietary lower voltage PoE equipment as well as standard 48VDC nominal IEEE compliant designs.

“Many of our customers who control both the PSE (power sourcing equipment) and the PD (powered device) prefer to run proprietary lower voltage power (i.e. 12V, 24V). Most integrated PoE injectors only offer standard 48V nominal output while the Pro-Tek5 PTPI series offers voltage outputs ranging from 8VDC to 60VDC and is easily adjustable by using a different AC/DC adapter”, says JP Heaton, HALO Electronics Director of Marketing.

Pro-Tek5 products are exclusively sold through HALO Electronics and their franchised distribution partners. To learn more or request a datasheet please contact info@haloelectronics.com



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